HK The Best Looking Princely Male of the World

Aaron Kwok - Hong Kong Big Four Skystar

His good look and talents have brushed up by all Asian girls' attention. And it's forever!
Anyone who has seen his concert know why Aaron is the "prince". Only Aaron can put on clothes with frill and looks good though he is over 30 years old.
Of course He is very handsome, espesially his large eyes are charming. He is not only a singer but also an actor. He has a lot of face in screen... a man who is lovesick, a martial art guy who wants to revenge, and so on. So versatility!!!

Dreamy * * * * *
Noble * *
Narcissism * * * * *
Beauty * * * *

Translated by Tohko
Edited by kooLING
Special Thank to Aileen